Scrip Program

                 How can I earn St. Anne School Tuition Credit!?

     Do you or other family shop for groceries weekly at Weis, Giant, Valley Farm and other stores?

     Do you or family members or friends shop at retail stores – sometimes making large purchases?

   Do you give Gift Cards as gifts to family and others especially during the Holidays and birthdays?

    Do you take your family to restaurants and movies????

If the answer is YES to any of the above …..purchase your gift cards through St. Anne School and Save on Tuition Costs!!!

Purchase Gift Cards for weekly food orders; Purchase gift cards for other family members and friends to use in support of your student(s), Purchase gift cards as gifts all through St. Anne School Year and earn tuition credits.   If you must make a large purchase – think about purchasing gift cards!!

  • It is easy
  • There is NO EXTRA COST – Simply purchase gift cards (a $25 gift card costs you $25) instead of using Cash!
  • Earn tuition credit   ---  Participate in the St. Anne School Scrip Program!



Here is how the Scrip Program works:

Every time you purchase a Gift Card through St. Anne School, you earn 5% of that purchase which is credited toward tuition reduction. You will earn 5% ($250) tuition credit for the first $5000 in gift card purchases and 2.5% once you surpass $5000 in total purchases for that school year. There are two forms - weekly orders and special monthly orders. Both are available online on the St. Anne Website and in the school office and rectory. The program runs May 1st through April 30th for the school year.  


Gift Card Purchase Options:

  1. Purchase cards through school: send your check and order form in with your child. BE sure to write your name and “SCRIP” on the Sealed The orders will come home that day.
  2. Purchase in person at the Finance Office in the St. Anne Rectory during business hours.
  3. Purchase after ALL Weekend Masses
  4. Daily Scrip forms are available by clicking on the link.Daily Scrip Order Form2016 1.pdf 
  5. Monthly Scrip forms must be returned by the 2nd Thursday of every month.   Check the Parent Online Communication Envelope for the Monthly Sale Gift Card form.




Attention St. Anne Parishioners

                         Attention St. Anne Parishioners or Future Parishioners. . .

      If you are a member of St. Anne Parish or you are considering becoming a member,

you can acquire additional tuition savings through your weekly Mass Offering.


     A contribution of $350 per year to St. Anne Church through your immediate

family weekly Mass Offering will result in a $450 deduction off of your yearly tuition payment.



Example of how both Scrip purchases and parishioner support can result in tuition savings:


Your Current Tuition:                                                                       $3800


Yearly Parish Offering ($350)                                                 -$450 (deduction)


Scrip Yearly Purchase total of ($5,000)                                -$250 (deduction)

                                          at 5% credit                                                    



Your Tuition after deductions:                                                   $3100