Principal's Message  - Our Different and Unique School Year Ending. . .

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART... TO OUR WONDERFUL STUDENTS & FAMILIES  AND TEACHERS!!!  This has been a remarkably challenging time.  I am so grateful for the way our school community has come together while experiencing many work, school and personal family challenges during this national crisis.  EVERYONE has experienced uncertainty and anxiety - and everyone has  placed our school students first in every way!   See below for update.....
 Dear Current, New and Prospective families,

WE ARE RETURNING BACK TO SCHOOL, IN PERSON ON AUGUST 31ST.  PLEASE CHECK OUR "parent" tab at the top of our homepage for our latest updates about the school year.

St. Anne School and Fall Opening 2020…… (as of August, 2020)

Following all PA State, PA Department of Health, Diocesan and local health restrictions and guidelines, St. Anne School will open on August 31st for in-school instruction.

Many weeks of planning for student and staff health and safety, including mandatory face coverings, disinfectant and cleaning supplies, school student safety items such as 3-sided washable desk carrels for individual students, classroom alterations for social distancing set up, meetings with staff, weekly communication to families and creation and submission of a long and detailed plan for approval to the Diocese of Allentown Department of Education. This plan is available on this website and has been distributed to our families.

Many alterations and changes to the school day procedures are being finalized to ensure as best as we can – the safety and health of our school community.  This situation is very fluid.  

In addition, normal school cleaning, floor waxing, repairs, enlarging the three – year old Prek classroom and many other details and projects are being completed for the opening of school.   

We invite you to learn more about St. Anne School.  Our welcoming community invites you to schedule a tour and learn what makes our school great!  RIGHT for enrollment/registration information.   At this time, (August 12th) we have initiated a wait list for most classes.  Education structure may change - be sure to inquire  in the event we are able to offer more openings.

ALL ARE WELCOME IN THIS PLACE.   We are a wonderful choice for families seeking an outstanding education and a faith-filled and welcoming and learning experience for their students.  Come see us!!!

We offer the Aquinas Learning Support Program (the only elementary program in Northampton County) for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, and, we have created a new Enrichment Space for students  to work on projects  and expand their learning throughout the year.  It is an exciting journey for our students and we are with them every step of the way.  All students learn differently and we work very hard to meet all our students' needs.We appreciate new visitors to our website and to our school.   EMAIL TODAY FOR ENROLLMENT FOR 2020-21.  We have a wonderful school that is a place of "belonging." Everyone is important and has place.  I am happy to have been part of Catholic education in our diocese for over 25 years.  It is an honor for me to walk int the door to St. Anne School each and every day!    So many plans are already underway for next school year!!  Thank you for visiting our school homepage - please come see us and learn why our students are always smiling!!!

Together we can fulfill the vision of our mission to ". . .lovingly teach students values and value every student," for  your child.   We are committed to providing our students with the tools to be learners for life, creative and critical thinkers, caring citizens and leaders.  

You and all  new and prospective families are very welcome to tour and visit our school and learn more about our school community.  Please review our website to learn about our Great  St. Anne School!  We look forward to seeing you very soon.      St. Anne School  is Proud and Catholic Strong!   ALL ARE WELCOME  ---  ALL FAITHS ARE WELCOME  ----TRANSFER GRANTS  AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL FAMILIES WHO QUALIFY.   We welcome you to learn more and discover why we are growing and going strong!

  Mrs. Karen Bentz




Important Information




            EMAIL:  today!  Or,  Call 610-868-4182 

We will be happy to answer all your questions!

        Our  PREK & KINDERGARTEN CLASSES are filling!!!!!!!

        Please don't wait for the wait list!


Are you thinking of making a positive change for your child ?

       This is the most important decision you will make as a parent.

            Schedule a visit , take a tour and learn more! 

                    Transfer Grants Available - All Faiths are Welcome

           Openings in Kindergarten through 8th Grade!

A place where your child is an individual - everyone knows their name!

Academic Excellence * Above average standardized test scores

Faith, Values, Respect, Leadership, Structure and more. . .


Our Advancement Director will be happy to provide a tour!

Powerhouse Primary Program - Students achieve and feel secure and welcome

Outstanding Faculty who know and care about their students



Our Mission

St. Anne School serves students from early education through 8th grade.  Our program goal is to help students excel through sound academic preparation, commitment to prayer, service and respect for others.  We strive to nurture our students' individual God given gifts, challenging them to lead and contribute to their community.  St. Anne's faculty and administration work to provide a secure and safe setting in which students may celebrate the joy of learning.

Our program continues its long tradition of academic excellence, partnering with families to lovingly teach our students values and enthusiastically value every student.

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Pro Lunches- Hot Lunch Program
Whether you didn't have time to make lunch, forgot your lunch, or just want to switch things up, ProLunches Hot Lunch Program has you covered! 

Lunches are provided every School Day:
Student Lunch: $3.50
Extra Entree: $1.50
Snack: 50¢  

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