Principal's message


       It is my pleasure to welcome you to St. Anne School!  It is my honor to serve as your Principal in this wonderful setting of nurturing and growth for all of our students.  We work to forward our mission to offer a challenging curriculum based on academic achievement and hard work.  We partner these efforts with parents in a supportive and vibrant atmosphere.

     Our dedicated faculty strives to work closely with our parents.  Please stay connected with them and read all the important information that comes home and is posted each week in the Parent Communication Packet on our website.  Encourage your children to always do their best - you are the primary educators of your children.  Together, we can create greatness for our students in achieving their highest potential.

     Thank you to our families for putting your trust in us.  I encourage prospective families to visit and tour St. Anne School.  All are Welcome to our St. Anne Family.  My door is always open!  


May God Bless you,                                

  Mrs.Karen Bentz




Important Information

St. Anne School Welcomes You to Visit and Tour Today!

Thinking of making a positive change for your child?

Do you hope for a safe and secure school environment for your child?

This is the most important decision you will make for your child!  Join our St. Anne Family because your child is worth it!

Transfer Grants Available - All Faiths are Welcome

Your child is your most precious gift.  They are our gifts too!

Openings in Kindergarten through 8th Grade!

A place where your child is an individual - everyone knows their name!

Strong Academic Fundamentals

Values and Faith, Respect, Leadership, Structure and more

Exceptional Kindergarten - Great class sizes, a creative and welcoming faculty

Powerhouse Primary Program - Students achieve and feel secure and welcome

Outstanding Faculty who know and care about their students



Lunch Information


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 Pro Lunches- Hot Lunch Program
Whether you didn't have time to make lunch, forgot your lunch, or just want to switch things up, ProLunches Hot Lunch Program has you covered!

Lunches are provided every School Day:
Student Lunch: $3.25
Snack: 50¢  

School Calendar

  • Mission Tuesday Collection

    Please send in your quarter donation to put in your classroom mission collection jar. Thank you!
    St. Anne School
  • Grade 4 to Harrisburg

    St. Anne School
  • Aquinas Info Night

    St. Anne School
  • Grade 1 to Lehigh Valley Zoo

    St. Anne School
  • Lego Club

    Please send in a note allowing your child to stay

    St. Anne School
  • Noon Dismissal

    St. Anne School
  • Marathon Day

    St. Anne School
  • First Communion Practice

    St. Anne School
  • First Communion

    St. Anne School
  • Mission Tuesday Collection

    Please send in your quarter donation to put in your classroom mission collection jar. Thank you!
    St. Anne School
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Our Mission

St. Anne School serves students from early education through 8th grade.  Our program goal is to help students excel through sound academic preparation, commitment to prayer, service and respect for others.  We strive to nurture our students' individual God given gifts, challenging them to lead and contribute to their community.  St. Anne's faculty and administration work to provide a secure and safe setting in which students may celebrate the joy of learning.

Our program continues its long tradition of academic excellence, partnering with families to lovingly teach our students values and enthusiastically value every student.

A Visit with St. Anne's School