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Daily Announcements

            St. Anne School Welcomes You to Visit and Tour Today!
          Thinking of Making a positive change for your child this summer? 
             Do you hope for a safe and secure school environment for your child?
                 Transfer Grants Available - All Faiths Welcome
         Your child is your most precious gift. They are our gifts too! 
                  Openings in Kindergarten through 8th Grade!
       A place where your child is an individual - everyone knows their name!
       Strong Academic Fundamentals
       Values and Faith, Respect, Leadership, Structure and more. . .
  • Exceptional Kindergarten - Great class sizes, a creative and welcoming faculty
  • Powerhouse Primary Program - Students achieve and feel secure and welcome 
  • Outstanding Faculty who know and care about their students
  • Above Average Scores on Standardized Tests- A strong middle school program
                   WHY WAIT???   Call NOW 610-868-4182 or
                       EMAIL:  ebrida@stannebethlehem.org

Our Mission

St. Anne School serves students from early education through 8th grade.  Our program goal is to help students excel through sound academic preparation, commitment to prayer, service and respect for others.  We strive to nurture our students' individual God given gifts, challenging them to lead and contribute to their community.  St. Anne's faculty and administration work to provide a secure and safe setting in which students may celebrate the joy of learning.

Our program continues its long tradition of academic excellence, partnering with families to lovingly teach our students values and enthusiastically value every student.

St. Anne Little Saints Preschool  Three Year Old Program -  Waitlist Available  2016-2017
                                                       Four Year Old Program  -   Waitlist Available  2016--2017 


  The Catholic School of Choice in Your Neighborhood!!

1.     Great Teachers who serve their students.  They are passionate about education.
2.     St. Anne School Rocks - Faith * Prayer * Love * Service. 
3.     We teach core values and we value every student.

4.     We are a safe and secure school community.
5.     We are the school where everyone knows your name.
6.     Academic Excellence- the standard is our minimum.  Our students excel
          through hard work.  They are challenged to be responsible life learners.
7.     We teach our students to be morally strong and of service to others.
8.     We have fun.  We have sports, academic clubs, music, art, technology and more...
9.     We nurture respect for self and others.
10.   Our families are what make us great!
11.   High scoring on Standardized Tests
12.   We develop the "whole child."
13.   Diversity
14.   Curriculum enriching field trip program
15.   Leadership opportunities...Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Altar Servers, etc.
16.   Parents have online access to student grades.
17.   Successful High School/College Matriculation
18.   All Faiths Welcome
19.   Half and Full Day Kindergarten and Preschool Programs 
20.   Before and After School/Preschool Extended Care - 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
 with flexible scheduling!

All volunteers must review again the Code of Conduct and Sexual Abuse Policy and sign the acknowledgement form and return it to the office even if you have done so in the past.

Don't forget the PA State Mandated Eligibility requirements to volunteer

Our Lego Club is very popular!  We are still looking for more donations of Legos.  Please send them into the School Office.

We are still looking for good volunteers to help us.  Volunteers are the backbone of our School.  We encourage everyone to help.  The Diocese of Allentown has some requirements prior to volunteering.  Click on the Parents Tab then the Volunteer Tab.  We need a background check form completed and sent to the office with $10.00.  We also need each volunteer to read the Sexual Abuse Policy and the Code of Conduct Policy.  After you have read them please sign both acknowledgement forms and send to the office.  Last and just as important, each volunteer must have attended a "Protecting God's Children" Class that is offered by the Diocese.  The class schedule is listed on the Allentown Diocese Website.  A copy of your certificate certification must be in your file.