School Supply List

Below is the 2023/2024 supply list for all grades.  There is also a pdf for you to download and print. Many of the supplies will be provided by the School



No supplies needed

1st Grade

1 pocket folder

2nd Grade

No supplies needed

3rd Grade

4 pocket folders

Pencil pouch for art supplies

3 Extra Large book socks

4th Grade

7 pocket folders

Pencil pouch for art supplies

2 binders each 1/2 inch

5th Grade

6 pocket folders

Middle School

6 pocket folders

2 book socks

2 binders no larger than 1 1/2 inches each

2 sets of dividers for binders

Pencil pouch for art supplies

                                        Students Grades 3-8 should have a wireless mouse & headphones/earbuds (no wireless, please)

All students K-8 should have a Rosary

All students should have an art shirt

Copybooks, notebooks, theme tablets and loose leaf paper will be provided to all students

Scissors, glue, coloring supplies, erasers, highlighters, red pens, and pencils will be provided at the start of school. Replenishment of these supplies will be the responsibility of the student

Please DO NOT bring in pencil boxes or trapper keepers, these items will not fit in the desks or lockers

Clear contact paper will be needed at home to cover all workbooks




Supply List PDF